ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions


Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

We believe in sharing our expertise with all our clients, no matter how large or small they may be. By appreciating, anticipating and actualizing their needs, we have taken a different approach to designing our ERP solutions.

Moving away from all-encompassing systems that work for some clients but not others, we have gone modular with a suite of functional packages that can be integrated with your core ERP system.

With the flexibility of deploying only the modules you need now and the option of adding new ones as your business grows and changes, you can be assured that an NEC ERP solutions will always work optimally for you.

  • A flexible solution for every organization
  • Built-in cost efficiency
  • Lasting business benefits
  • Specializing in niche needs
  • A business-driven approach to IT
  • World-class services, worldwide excellence

Deeper Insights, Greater Foresight

Our ERP solution integrates, optimists and even automates business processes ranging from financial and HR management to operations, corporate services and more. This improvise forecasting accuracy, reduces inefficiencies and increases productivity while ensuring more robust financial reporting and greater compliance with regulations and accounting standards.

It creates a single data source for valuable corporate data, enabling easy access to critical business information and delivering a clear, global view of the business.

Enhancing Customer Relationships

With our Customer Relationship Management module, you can look forward to a complete and holistic view of your customers’ needs. Designed to help your effectively manage all aspects of our customer relationships, this module is built with the functionality that you need to improve the align your marketing, sales and service operations.

Strengthening The Supply Chain

Achieve accelerated processing times and greater alignment with customer demands with our Supply Chain Management module. It streamlines sourcing and procurement processes and provides a centralized buying model that minimizes unauthorized and unnecessary expenses.

In addition, it serves as a platform for collaborative supplier relationships, creating opportunities to achieve greater procurement efficiency.

Optimizing's Operations & Resources

Our Enterprise Asset Management module is designed to optimism the lifecycle management of all your physical assets like plants, equipment and facilities.

Our Workforce Management module offers greater return on personnel investment. In particular, our Field Service Management module helps your optimally plan, schedule and dispatch your mobile service team and necessary resources so as to deliver on service commitments in a cost-efficient manner.

Our Facilities Management module ensures that organizations with real estate assets are well sported. With shared resources management capabilities, it simplifies facilities bookings and other operational processes for greater overall efficiency.

Other key modules like Enterprise Asset Management, Supply Chain Management and Financial Management are also available individually or packaged as part of our property management solutions suite.

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