Thermal Fever Screening Solution

NEC’s Thermal Screening Solutions efficiently screen individuals passing through high human traffic facilities,with different options for various environments.  

Multilingual Unmanned Check In

Self Service Platform for integrated check in, issuing of key card, passport matching/authentication and payment services for hotel customers

Smart Business Protection

IT systems and data are becoming increasingly important for businesses to operate smoothly. To ensure that operations will continue to run smoothly, it is crucial to provide protection for business essentials. NEC’s Smart Business Protection solution provides this protection by creating a safety net for your business systems.

Display & Digital Signage

Whatever your needs are, NEC Display Solutions has the right product. No other vendor today can offer such a comprehensive and solutions-oriented portfolio as NEC Display Solutions has today. NEC Display Solutions brings together experts in the industry and offers a single point of contact to provide total display solutions for a variety of vertical markets. NEC Display Solutions offer the personal touch of a small business but with global outreach capabilities.

NEC Smart Face Authentication

Why This bio metric authentication technology has become a familiar part of our lives. With more than 30 years of continuous research, NEC’s face recognition system authenticates with high accuracy using three key technologies: “Finding data within the face,” “Perceiving facial features,” and “Matching the same person.” In addition, NEC’s system is robust against poor recognition environments. Many face recognition technologies depend on clear face images for their processing. However, NEC’s face recognition system achieves high accuracy even when [...]