NEC Smart Telephone System SL1000 CO48, Extension 128 with additional Features

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– (KU-201) NEC SL1000 Main KSU with AC Cable x 1unit
– (KU-202) NEC SL1000 Expansion KSU with AC Cable x 3units
– (KU-203) NEC 4 Analog Trunks+8Hybrid Extensions Card x 8units
– (KU-204) NEC 8 Hybrid Extensions Card x 4units
– (KU-222) NEC Telephone 24 Keys Digital,Hybrid Terminal x 1unit
– (KU-321) NEC Extension phone Standard/ No Speaker x 127units
– (KU-271) NEC Bus Card for Main KSU to connect x 1unit
– (KU-272) NEC Expansion Memory Card & feature expansion x 1unit
– (KU-281) NEC Embedded VRS/Voice Mail Card x 1unit
– (KU-284) NEC VRS / 40H In-Mail CF Card x 1unit

– (KU-306) NEC Additional In-Mail Chanel License x 1unit
– (KU-307) NEC In-Mail Advanced Features License X 1unit

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NEC SL1000 Smart Communication Server is an IP enabled intelligent hybrid system. It is designed to accommodate small and medium enterprise (SME). It is the most cost effective and affordable for expanding small and medium businesses. The basic system is equipped with 4 trunk lines 8 extensions and expandable up to 48 trunk lines 128 extensions.

SL1000 Main KSU

P/N: BE110232, Product Name: IP4WW-1632M-A KSU, Starts from 4 trunk lines and 8 extensions scales up to 128 extensions (230 ports)., The system is Flexible to suit any changing demands of communication infrastructure.

Expansion KSU

NEC SL1000 Expansion KSU with AC Cable, P/N: BE110237, Product Name: IP4WW-1632ME-A

Extension Card

NEC 4 Analog Trunks+8Hybrid Extensions Card, P/N: BE110250, Product Name: IP4WW-408E-A1


NEC 8 Hybrid Extensions Card, P/N: BE110251, Product Name: IP4WW-008E-A1

Digital MainPhone

NEC Digital Phone 24 Keys, Hybrid Terminal, P/N: BE110264, Product Name: IP4WW-24TXH-A-TEL (Black)

Extension Phone

NEC Telephone Standard/ No Speaker/Display MWL, P/N: BE111184, Product: AT40TEL

Connection Bus Card

NEC Bus Card for Main KSU to connect Expansion KSUs, P/N: BE110258, Product Name: IP4WW-EXIFB-C1

Expansion Memory Card

NEC Expansion Memory Card & feature expansion, P/N: BE110246, Product Name: IP4WW-MEMDB-C1


NEC Embedded VRS/Voice Mail Card, P/N: BE106339, Product Name: PZ-VM21


NEC VRS 40hours In-Mail CF Card, P/N: BE110732, Product Name: IP4WW-CFVML-C1


NEC Additional In-Mail Chanel License (2p), P/N: BE110755, Product Name: SL-VM-CHANNEL-2LIC


NEC In-Mail Advanced Features License, P/N: BE110733, Product Name: SL-VM-ADVANCE LIC


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