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-Private Message Screen and Vibration
-Tracks Your Steps, Distance, Calories
-Records Sleep Duration
-Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
-iOS and Android Compatible
-Smart Notifications
-Activity Goals and Comparison
-Exchange Contact Info with Handshake
-Up to 6 Days of Battery Life

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Live smarter with the medium/large Nabu Smartband in green from Razer. This activity tracking wristband keeps tabs on the number of steps you walk, the distance you travel, the calories you burn, and the hours you sleep to give you the information you need about your physical activity. This information is sent back to your Android or iOS device over Bluetooth, where you can view, track, and compare your data with other Nabu users.

The Nabu’s display screen delivers call notifications, texts, emails, and more, all on your wrist. All it takes to bring the screen to life is just a twist of your wrist. If you want to dismiss a notification, just shake your wrist gently. Additionally, there’s a soft-touch button to cycle through the information on the screen, as well as to control specific phone functions like music playback and camera snap (iOS devices only).

Your Nabu is outfitted with Razer’s Pulse technology, which lets you exchange social media contact information with another Nabu wearer by shaking hands. You can also compare your activity and play multiplayer games with other users when nearby.

The lithium-polymer battery in the Nabu lasts for up to 6 days depending on usage. Additionally, the device is splashproof, so you can shower and wash your hands without fear of damage. A USB charging cable is included

.Fitness Tracking

Steps walked, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, and hours slept are all captured by the band and displayed in the companion Nabu app.

.User-Defined Goals

Create step, distance, calories, sleep, and activity goals. Helpful reminders and notifications will help keep you on point.

.Wireless Syncing

The Nabu connects to the companion app on your mobile device via Bluetooth so your data is always up to date. And if your phone isn’t on you, the Nabu can store up to 5 days worth of data, syncing automatically when within range of your phone.

.Sleep Well and See It

The Nabu automatically starts and stops sleep tracking from the moment you fall asleep, to when you wake. A silent alarm wakes you gently. Check your data on the companion app to make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep.

.Exchange Info with a Handshake

A handshake with another Nabu user can exchange Facebook or Twitter contact info. A familiar friendly gesture that makes meeting new people fun and convenient.

.Share and Compare

Two or more Razer Nabus in a specified proximity can exchange user tags which are used by connected apps to allow users to make new friends, share, and discover a connected world.

.Multiplayer Games

Developers are working on new ways for you to use your Nabu, including multiplayer games that connect you to others in real life.

.Phone Remote Control

Take control of mobile phone functions like music playback and camera snap (iOS devices only) right from your Nabu smartband. Just set up the one-touch button’s special function in the Nabu app and you’re ready to go.


iPhone 5/5S/6/6 Plus with iOS 8 or higher,Android 4.3 or higher,Bluetooth LE/4.0 or higher


OLED 128 x 16 single color


3-axis accelerometer with cylindrical vibration motor


Bluetooth LE


Rechargeable lithium-polymer

Battery Life Indicator

Up to 6 days

Size And Weight

0.4 lb, Medium – large,

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